Create Your Best Year Ever! by Rachel Garrett

Create Your Best Year Ever!

Online Course where you will build a roadmap for a kickass 2018


Resolutions don't work! Let's create your best year ever by focusing on WHAT YOU WANT instead of WHAT YOU THINK YOU SHOULD DO! 

In this online course, you will:
✔ Wrap up your 2017, by recognizing each of your amazing accomplishments—big and small.  

✔ Set your 2018 vision for ALL areas of your life—including FUN. And yes, if you want to make the FUN happen, sometimes you gotta schedule it, ladies!   

✔ Become aware of the things that are triggering GUILT in your life and decide how you’re going to squash it in the moment. Guilt is the killer of creativity, confidence, productivity, [insert 100 other things you want in your life]. Give up guilt right now! 

✔Build out your support team who will hold you accountable and laugh WITH you when you make mistakes. 

What's included:
✔37 minute video training that you can catch on your own time.
✔2018 Planner Workbook so you can reflect deeper on what you've learned in the training and plan out your year.
✔Values worksheet to help you get to the core of who you are and what you want for your life.

I'm thrilled to help you create your KICKASS 2018! 

What's included?

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Create Your Best Year Ever Online Course
Create Your Best Year Ever Online Video
38 mins
Working Mother Masterclass 2018 Planner - Workbook
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Identifying Values and Creating a Values Statement.pdf
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Become the leader AND mother you want to be.

I will help you break out of your vision of what the “perfect career” and the “perfect mother” look like and we start re-building your life based on the things that are important to YOU.